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IR Technologies has developed a GPS enabled passive RFID scanning system for mobile platforms. We call it Kymera. Kymera can scan ultra-high frequency RFID tags at up to 60 feet. Moreover, Kymera integrates a GPS enabled mobile device on most platforms including Android, IOS, or Windows.

The Kymera pRFID system is IP67 rated. IR Technologies’ solution is simple, straightforward, and can be accredited relatively quickly because we utilize consumer off the shelf hardware and open source software, of which we have extensive experience. Kymera when mounted on a forklift, would provide a 360-degree read range, that in some cases can reach up to 60 feet.


Instead of providing a direct connect from the mobile platform back to our cloud environment, we use MobileTRC+™ to relay data to a cloud environment synergistically. MobileTRC+ acts as middleware based on modern software design patterns that support lightweight asynchronous communications. Our design has the added benefit of working in low bandwidth and degraded network environments. Involved in the technology is a means to communicate to the GlobalTRC+™ server securely asynchronously. The GlobalTRC+ server can be hosted on a customer network where direct connections would be much more stable and more responsive.

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