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Intelligent ArmoryTM

Intelligent ArmoryTM is an armory asset management platform that is intuitive, agile, modular, and expandable. It securely aggregates information from multiple sources throughout the world in real-time. Our technology relieves our customers from having to painstakingly gather, verify, calculate, and analyze asset data.

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SituXTM Log C2

SituXTM LogC2 is a cloud based system that provides just in time logistics planning, management, and execution capabilities to military and non-governmental organizations via an enterprise cloud environment. LogC2 operates in placeof, or in conjunction with existing information technology assets.

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SituXTM Trans C2

SituXTM TransC2 is a cloud based software that provides just in time transportation planning, management, and execution capabilities to military and nongovernmental organizations via an enterprise cloud environment. SituXTM TransC2 focuses on transportation capacity planning capabilities at the resource allocation and assignment level.

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GlobalTRC+TM is a modern web-based set of services that allows companies to locate their products using a variety of asset management tags. GlobalTRC+TM uses location services with asset tracking data, unifying it into a common operational picture. Not only are asset inventories tallied, but their proximity and availability can be viewed on a map interface.

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MobileTRC+TM is the mobile version of GlobalTRC+TM and is compatible with most operating systems such as Windows, iOS, and Android. MobileTRC+TM enables asset locating while on the go.

MobileTRC+TM takes asset control to a new level with the “Find My Asset” feature. “Find My Asset” overlays an asset on the map and shows you where you are in relation to the asset anywhere in the world!

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Tough TagTM

Currently, armories and weapons maintenance facilities are not automated. Asset tracking still requires manual processes to count, record, and perform maintenance activities. Some organizations have attempted to use Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) and other modern tagging systems.

However, they find that commercial markings fall off or become worn out because of product use, maintenance, and cleaning procedures.

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IR Technologies has developed a GPS enabled passive RFID scanning system for mobile platforms. We call it KymeraTM. KymeraTM can scan ultra-high frequency RFID tags at up to 60 feet. Moreover, KymeraTM integrates a GPS enabled mobile device on most platforms including Android, IOS, or Windows.

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KymeraTM Mobile

IR Technologies is proud to announce the availability of KymeraTM Mobile, GPS enabled Automated Inventory Tracking (AIT) system designed expressly for tracking assets in police, utility, fire and rescue vehicles. KymeraTM Mobile monitors vehicle inventory to provide accountability or, in the case of first responders, improved safety, and patient survivability.

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