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Intelligent Armory™ is an armory asset management platform that is intuitive, agile, modular, and expandable. It securely aggregates information from multiple sources throughout the world in real-time. Our technology relieves our customers from having to painstakingly gather, verify, calculate, and analyze asset management data. Intelligent Armory™ speeds up the check-in and check-out process for weapons and other high-value items. By using the latest in cloud-based technology and intuitive commercial hardware, it is possible to reduce technical requirements while increasing armory operations.

For commanders, it provides vital information at the tip of their fingers. Intelligent Armory™ makes it possible for leaders at every level to have access to how assets are utilized and allocated. For example, Headquarters can view inventories by unit, have access to trend analysis, and usage data.

With Intelligent Armory™, commanders will gain insights to make crucial mission decisions. Intelligent Armory™ will help organizations find trends, reveal correlations, and provide more impactful forecasting, which was not possible until now.


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