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In 2010, IR-Tech was the support contractor for Global Combat Support System -Marine Corps training, which required the development, delivery, and maintenance of 34 courses, as well as hundreds of system simulations and training aids. Additionally, the training material had to stay current with enterprise systems (and government policies) that are constantly evolving.

IR-Tech invested in top-notch eLearning tools, curriculum developers, and expert trainers to get the job done.  The outcome of our investments was successful.  GCSS-MC training was delivered on time and on budget to tens of thousands of Marines and civilian employees world-wide both online and / or on location using closed-network Mobile Training Suites (MTS).

Over the years, IR-Tech’s professional training team has engineered a development and delivery process tailored specifically for government and defense customers.  The process, dubbed Just-In-Time-Learning (or JITL), consists of IR-Tech’s talented video production crew, eLearning developers, simulation developers, and Train-The-Trainer (TTT) staff who build and deliver award-winning training products world-wide through a secure Global Content Delivery System (GCDS).

The genesis of JTIL came from a research project awarded to IR-Tech by the National Center for Manufacturing Sciences (NCMS), which is the premier organization for the development and implementation of quality training programs in both national security and leadership.


NCMS funded IR-Tech to design and prove that a process, tool set, and team that could develop, support, and maintain excellent training products rapidly within narrow time frames e.g. between the time the new or enhanced system enters government testing and its release for use.  The project was so successful NCMS has awarded additional funding to expand the JITL process and capabilities.

IR-Tech’s training teams consists of cross-trained resources, which allows managers to matrix team members across products and development phases with strategical precision.

At project inception, one or two team members gather general “learning” requirements and branding elements, such as logo’s, fonts, and color pallets.  Then the requirements are analyzed and baked into a proof of concept (a.k.a. pilot).  Next, the customer stakeholders and IR-Techs’ Product Development Manager use the pilot to finalize the scope and requirements.  Then the developers work in direct collaboration with the SME’s to ensure accuracy and functional congruency of the content produced.

JITL’s success begins with a small but professional video production crew capturing Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) teaching subjects on camera.  These SME videos provide credibility and expertise, and help to materialize course structures and refine learning objectives rapidly.

Next, the SME videos are assembled into HTML5-based LMS and SCORM compliant eLearning courses.  System video demonstrations and “hands-on” simulations are provided in each course to re-enforce concepts and skills.  And finally, scored knowledge checks ensure learning is both challenging and interactive.


IR-Tech has developed a system of collaboration and quality assurance using a web-based infrastructure, which is designed to share the progression of each product with its stakeholders with the utmost transparency.  This transparency is mutually beneficial to both the customer and IR-Tech because “development problems” are identified and resolved as fast as possible.

After training products are delivered, IR-Tech provides first rate on-going support to customers using JITL methods.  When a system or its governing policies change or expand, IR-Tech’s training team is dedicated; working directly with a programs Help Desk team, Change Managers, and instructors to prepare them to educate, advise, and resolve issues that occur with evolving systems.

The JITL “support” elements are a set of web-based products that include: FAQ’s, Impact Videos, Instructor Support page, and a System Updates and Announcements page.  These products are designed to be updated and released to the masses in rapid succession; keeping everyone on the same pages…literally.






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