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[Success Stories—Just in Time Learning with the Marine Corps]

New Marine Corps Just in Time Learning site goes live

With technology and processes changing at lightning speed, the days when Marines could take the time to read and digest a manual to upgrade their skills and knowledge is gone. That is no longer a challenge because the Marine Corps Global Combat Support System unit has a new “Jump Site” developed from the collaborative partnership between the Marine Corps, IR Technology, and NCMS. The new training site went live on August 8.

The partnership objective was to design and prove a process, toolset, and team that could develop, support, and maintain highly engaging training and change management products on state of the art delivery systems. The project’s development objective was to create a “Just in Time Learning” process and capabilities to validate its scalability to other organizations and/or systems.

The site contains a library of announcements, on-demand training videos, hot fixes, updates, and helpful links.

“With the guidance of Marine Corps Subject Matter Expert, Captain Ross Hrynewych, we took a massive amount of detailed information and created a focal point and using the Global Content Delivery System we and can now distribute GCSS-MC system information worldwide in under four hours as opposed to each individual piece of information coming to the Marines via emails,” says Paul Southerland, principal consultant with IR Technologies.

The curriculum cut over from Oracle 11i to Oracle 12r went smoothly and the over-the-shoulder training videos from peer subject matter experts have been well received. The Just in Time Learning, which has roots in the Just in Time method of inventory control, delivers content to the right personnel at the right time. This site with the training videos and hot fixes is located on a worldwide secure server and is available 24/7.  The overall goals of this project are up-to-date training delivered on accessible media for the best price.  This site was designed with scalability in mind that may not only encompass the US Marine Corps but can be adapted throughout the DoD enterprise.

“The Marine Corps SME Team, Doug Kosky of the GCSS-MC Program Management Office, guided the design” says Southerland. “The fact that it went live without any issues a few weeks ago and there have been no complaints, is due to the front-end collaboration.


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