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IR Technologies applies the agile development process Scrum to development projects. Scrum is a proven agile development approach used by industry and is managed within the context of the larger PDSS effort by ITIL processes. Our development methodology is composed of phases including requirements analysis, design/specification, implementation (coding), testing, deployment, documentation, maintenance, training, and support.

Oracle E-Business Suite

Services to analyze, configure, customize, and maintain the Oracle E-Business Suite for customer objectives. Defined processes for detailing customer requirements and fulfilling those requirements using the Oracle E-Business Suite set of applications. Offerings include Fit-Gap analysis, cost estimating, configuration control, and specifications for Reports, Interfaces, Conversions,  Extensions, Configurations, Workflows, and Personalizations.

Systems Architecture

A conceptual model that defines the structure, properties, functionality, and operational characteristics of an information system and states the rules, standards, and conventions employed to define a formal technical framework.

Data Management, Migration and Cleansing

A policy-based approach to managing data throughout its life cycle: from creation, storage, usage, through obsolescence and deletion, and is dictated by an organization’s rules, standards, conventions, and legal requirements.

Requirements Management

The strategy and processes to collect, validate, analyze, refine, decompose, prioritize, document, and trace requirements related to a system, service offering, product, or other deliverable, then plan for their delivery, control change, and communicate with relevant stakeholders. It is a continuous process throughout a project.

“[IR Technologies] always put the right professionals in the path of the biggest problems.”
Mr. Dale Car, USMC
“... support of the design, implementation, and architecture was critical to the successful implementation and full deployment of GCSS-MC”
Mr. Dave Hansen




Project Needs: MAGTF Logistics Support Systems consists of the Common Logistics Command and Control System (CLC2S) and the Transportation Capacity Planning Tool (TCPT). These are ...

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