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5 things that we love about the Lehr Fleet Show

Home News 5 things that we love about the Lehr Fleet Show

IR Technologies attended the 10th annual Lehr Fleet Show on Thursday, May 3rd, 2018. We got an opportunity to meet with our State and Municipal technologists and Fleet Managers from Northern California. We were able to discuss problems in the industry that our innovative solutions could potentially solve. We demonstrated our ToughTagTM, GlobalTRC+TM and MobileTRC+TM.  Here are some of the things we loved about the Lehr Fleet Show.

1. Walk before you run

Trade shows are always a great opportunity to find new potential customers and build new relationships. This was the first trade show where I was going to be an exhibitor. Needless to say, mistakes were made on my part that added to the stress. This was a nice sized show to really get experience with shaking hands and getting feedback on our technology and marketing materials. Overall, it was a great experience and we look forward to attending this show again next year.

2. Relationships

One nice thing about the size of the show meant that we were treated like a team and we were supported by the Lehr folks 100%. The owner Jim even made time to talk one on one with us and provided great hospitality. We have been trying to do some business with them and from the looks of it, we should make a pretty good team.


We also got to meet industry folks from non-federal programs. This was really insightful to see how some of our past work on Federal programs could really help with municipalities and state government. We were able to gather contact information and follow up with them.

3. Getting a new perspective

Like I stated earlier, we found ways where our products and software development that we used on Federal programs could apply to the state and municipalities. We also found a new way of looking at problems that got our creative juices flowing. Basically, this proves one of my many rants over the years. Trying to cookie-cutter solutions only works so long. Every industry has their own rules. Every organization has a unique way of doing business. And even departments have their own operations. So eventually adopting a one size fits all runs into a wall. But, by understanding problems that exist out there you can develop unique solutions to address these issues.

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4. Technology

Well, I am into technology. So, of course, I would list this. Police cars and first responder vehicles are complex. Half of them look like you could launch the space shuttle from them. I love to geek out on this sort of thing. I enjoyed talking to the reps in the other booths and learning about the new tech. Really fun stuff! Most of it didn’t apply to our industry but it’s always nice to see how people solve interesting problems with their solutions. It was really fun.

5. Swag!

Finally, we all know that we love the swag. And this was no exception. I have pens for days now! Sweet. Shoot, in our booth we gave away over $150 worth of prizes. So, if you are near an IR Technologies booth one of these days make sure you register to win something! Also, we had candy. So, everyone wins!

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