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Total Force Structure Management System (TFSMS) JCIDS Support

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The Total Force Structure Management System (TFSMS) for the United States Marine Corps is the single authoritative source system for Marine Corps force structure data. TFSMS is a web-enabled, workflow application that coordinates workflow and decision support processes to support manpower and equipment requirements planning across the Marine Corps’ Enterprise.  Force structure data represents the data requirements in terms of hierarchy, unit structure, unit identification codes, billets, table of organization and equipment (TO&E), unit equipment allowances, individual equipment allowances, equipment characteristics, approved acquisition objectives (AAO), and items of equipment necessary to accomplish USMC Mission Essential Tasks (METs).

IR Tech supported a MCCDC (Marine Corps Combat Development Command) Command and Control (C2), Integration Division (C2ID) Joint Capabilities Integration and Development System (JCIDS) analysis task order to document and communicate TFSMS requirements as an individual system as well as part of an overall Marine Corps and Joint set of capabilities. The requirements were assembled from existing diverse sources, to include translating Joint Concepts into a documented capabilities baseline (Block 1) as well as future capabilities (Block 2). The team’s approach included:

  1. Assessing existing Requirements documents to determine JCIDS Analysis “Gaps” – Resolve “Gaps”
  2.  Collecting & integrating stakeholder inputs via IR Tech managed Integrated Product Team (IPT) to develop/execute Capabilities Based Assessment (CBA), Functional Area Analysis (FAA), Functional Needs Analysis (FNA); and Functional Solution Analysis (FSA) analytical assessments
  3. Integrated CJCSI 3170.01F and MCCDC Expeditionary Force Development System MCO 3900.15B

The end-state was to develop JCIDS compliant capability documents in support of the USMC TFSMS through JCIDS analysis, process facilitation, functional analysis, and the application of systems engineering methodologies. IR Tech completed a JCIDS process assessment critical to the development of “Guiding Principles” to guide future task efforts.  Additionally, the team completed strategic documents reviews, applicable JCIDS assessments, and then developed an initial list of proposed Capabilities with mapping to High-Level Tasks; drafted IPT Charters which were approved by the Directors, C2ID and TFSD; conducted the TFSMS Capabilities Development IPTs to assess current and emerging force structure and equipment integration capabilities and requirements; developed/executed the analytical framework and documentation of DoDAF architectures; authored Block 1 CPD (Capabilities Production Document), Block 2 CDD (Capabilities Development Document), and Block 2 CPD; and drafted a TFSMS CONOPS to be vetted by TFSMS stakeholders including Manpower & Reserves Affair (M&RA), Plans, Policies and Operations (PP&O), Programs & Resources (P&R), Command, Control, Communications, and Computers (C4)/Chief Information Officer (CIO) and the Marine Corps Systems Command (MCSC) Command Project Officer.

IR Tech delivered a series of JCIDS compliant and signature ready CDDs and CPDs for MCCDC and MCSC for review. And, we adjudicated responses and updated the documentation accordingly.  Also included were full sets of Operational Views (OVs), System Views (SVs) and Technical Views (TVs) to meet the DoDAF product requirements of all the JCIDS documents.


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